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by Kristen Wong, staff writer


Senior David Kuhn Von Burgsdorff, executive vice President of ASHPU, said that many students were directed to a blank screen when they attempted to submit their vote online. ASHPU sent out a second e-mail on Oct. 3, stating that the online voting program had not worked, and students should vote again on paper that same day or the following day (Oct. 4) at booths on both the windward and downtown campuses, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

All votes submitted online were not counted. Kuhn Von Burgsdorff said it was “just a glitch; it was the first time we did it.” ASHPU plans to try the program again in the spring semester.
ASHPU Senior President Erik Hansen said that online voting was an attempt to “reach out to more people,” namely students in the HPU military campuses who don’t have the convenience of voting booths.

In addition to the large number of missing votes, ASHPU held the second election because the original results were too close in number. Kuhn Von Burgsdorff said that according to ASHPU’s constitution, the winning candidate’s vote count must differ at least by 10 percent from the candidate with the second highest number of votes.

Results were in by the evening of Oct. 4. The winners are listed below.
ASHPU’s bi-annual meeting followed on Oct. 5, when the newly elected representatives were sworn into their positions, and committee chairs were appointed.

When asked whether they preferred online or paper voting, freshman Miguel Malabayabas and Senior Amber Lefler both preferred online voting, though it was not a big inconvenience for them to vote again.

Kuhn Von Burgsdorff said there was “great response” with the second voting, and Treasurer Senior Jenne Rempel said students “have been really cooperative and willing to vote again.”

And the winners are. . .

Junior Representatives
Cecilia Kocinski-Mulder
Kie Shimomura
Senior Representative
Forest Plaztek
Alicia Kubert
Freshman Reps
Nicole Anders
Martin Valdez
Web master
Lianne Kloczkowski
Windward Campus Rep
Sinjen Miller
Representatives at Large
Alex Boyer
Nicole Bradley
Scott Smith
Jayme Goulet
Scott Kirk
Affiliates at Large
Lisa High
Chris Gongaware
Michaela Kocis
Kristen Kearns



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