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by Flavia Brakling, staff writer


Aloha Rosie’s is a musical by Norm Boroughs and Joyce Maltby— who is also the production and theater director. The play will feature T.V. and film star Shari Lynn as Rosie and local attorney Jim Tharp as Johnny. The play opens Nov. 4 and performances continue to Dec. 4.

In the spring, under the direction of Mitch Milan, Maltby will take the stage, co-staring with Don Pomes in The Gin Game by D.L. Coburn.

New theater Manager Karen Archibald joins the HPU program after extensive experience creating sets for such HPU productions as Morning at Seven, Jacques Brel, and The Miser. Archibald is originally from Chicago and earned her Bachelor of Music in Performance at the University of Hawai‘i-Manoa. She has worked with local TV, film, and concert productions, such as the Snoop Dog’s most recent O‘ahu performance.

“ Every show has something new,” Archibald said, “and I keep learning everyday. Even if I had to create a set for the same play twice, something new would come out.”

She added that the main difference between creating a set for a big theater as opposed to a small one is that on the small set she is allowed to use more details that would not be necessary for a larger theater because they would not be noticeable.

HPU’s new theater Professor Larry Bialock, from Seattle, Wash., graduated with a degree in Theater from the University of Washington. He came to Hawai‘i eight years ago and has been involved with local theater since. He met Maltby when he auditioned to the HPU play You Can’t Take It with Uou. “Since then,” Bialock said, “I have respected her as a professional and a human being. Her positive attitude makes working with her very enjoyable.”

This fall, Bialock teaches Acting I and co-teaches a Theater Practicum class with Maltby. “In Acting I, students will do a lot of improvisation exercises and will get in touch with who they are, with their senses. No experience is required, and all students are allowed to take it,” he explained.

In Theater Practicum, students get involved with play production and acting. The course may be taken more than once, and students have the opportunity to act in plays directed by HPU students enrolled in the directing courses.

HPU currently offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater and also a Theater minor. All courses are taught by theater professionals, and the small classes make it possible for students get a great individual attention.

By taking Theater Lab, THEA 2000, and by participating in one or more aspects of the current stage production, students may earn one credit for a minimum of 15 hours or two credits for a minimum of 30 hours.


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