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by Crystal Brewe, '04


“Interns at IONA learn the value of the creative process as the underpinning of the performing arts industry,” said IONA Managing Director Crystal Brewe. “And they do so while being given the responsibility of supporting the Company’s many endeavors.”

“ It is such a fun way to learn about the performing arts”, says IONA Artistic Director, Cheryl Flaharty. “And,” she added, “this is an exciting year for us, with the creation of our new evening-length work, Electric Blue.”

Interns choose their areas of interest, Flaharty explained, “from props to PR. And they can even receive course credit for the program.”

IONA has worked with various schools to develop the curriculum, and it has developed the internship so that students may take away an enlightening and educational experience that will foster an interest in the arts and building a future generation of artists and arts administrators.
The principles and concepts presented in this program are transferable to many of the projects interns might be responsible for in the corporate and/or nonprofit world, Brewe explained. “Students will be presented with special promotion planning processes and techniques.”

Students are encouraged to send a resume to P.O. Box 670, Kailua, HI 96734 or to info@iona360.com.

“ IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre is dedicated to the creation and performance of innovative dance/theatre works that provide transformational imagery and messages,” said Brewe. “IONA’s mission is to effect a positive change in the community while providing opportunities for artists to evolve. The Company aspires to create high quality work that inspires social, personal, and spiritual growth, bridges cultural experiences, and provides a greater understanding of how the arts affect all of our lives.”

For more information on IONA events or to schedule an interview, telephone 808-262-0110 or e-mail crystal@iona360.com.


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