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By Anna Cherkasova, staff writer

The tradition of President’s Hosts was created 23 years ago in order to support HPU’s mission of global citizenship by selecting best students from around the world to become HPU ambassadors all over the world, Wright said.

Every semester HPU faculty and staff have an opportunity to nominate up to two students as President’s Hosts.

“ She’s been outstanding for all two years of working with us,” said Lianne Maeda, director of Career Services, about her nominee Joua Moua, 20, a junior majoring in corporate communications. “It is a very prestigious position,” Maeda added, “to be the president’s ambassador.”

All newly inducted hosts were given orchid leis to be distinguished among so many other outstanding students who had been inducted in past ceremonies. Climaxing the evening, each new President’s Host introduced him or herself and acknowledged the faculty and staff who nominated them.
“ I feel very honored,” said Moua. “There is a lot of responsibility in a good way,” she added.
The major responsibility of President’s Hosts is to represent the University at various social and business functions during their years studying at HPU. After their graduation, they become HPU ambassadors all over the world, said Nathan Rudibaugh, assistant director of the Office of Student Life.

All of the President’s Hosts who graduated are invited to every induction ceremony.
Ilya Bourim, 26, graduated from HPU in 2003. He became a President’s Host during his senior year. Bourim has attended every induction ceremony since his graduation. “I love the atmosphere,” Bourim said. “I’ll be here again next time,” he added.

The 51 new Presdent’s hosts come from all over the world. Here are their names:

Vladimir Abadzhiev
Anthony Alvarado
Victoria Barela
Emma Chapman
Anna Cherkasova
Carolina Collazos-Mendoza
Jennifer Concepcion
Angela Marie Costa
Tamika Davis
Jennifer Ecklund
Rebecca Ford
Kyle Galdeira
Ramon Go
Melissa Griego
Hyuliya Hasanova
Robin Hansson
Jimmi Hemmenbach
Kristina Hernandez
David Howard
Shae Invidiata
Sarah Johnson
Moua Joua
Anne Kilburg
Michaela Kocis
Lana Lana
Ashley Locke
Christina Lopez
Ani Martirosian
Asmert Menghesha
Skylar Miller
Joua Moua
Yoshimi Nakano
Sandy Ng
Christa O’Connor
Laura Perry
Blake Pyo
Jonathan Riel
Florian Rouch
Chanel Shiraishi
Poulima Siaki
Margret Siegmund
Melvin Smith
Natasa Subotic
Matthew Talley
Tracy Tom
Mark Lester Trinidad
Jasmine Wang
Joseph Yabes
Davinia Yalimaiwai
Nakano Yoshimi
Natasha Yuen
Cassandra Zautner


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