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by Kalamalama staff


“Undergraduate student numbers are up more than 4 percent, said Stensrud, whose official title is VP Enrollment Management. He added that the largest increase is from Hawai‘i students, and that while all mainland states are represented at HPU, California, Washington, Texas, and Colorado showed the most gains.

Countries showing growth include Canada, Norway, and South Korea, Stensrud said, and noted that this semester HPU welcomes its first student ever from Azerbaijan

HPU’s graduate programs also had higher enrollments, increasing 17 percent, due in large part to the new master’s programs in social work and secondary education. The incoming students hail from 200 colleges and universities across the nation and 50 countries around the world, Stensrud said.
HPU expects this growth and diversity to continue over the next several years, according to Stensrud, who said that the University anticipates offering several new graduate programs—including new master’s degrees, professional certificates, and online courses.




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