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by Jimmi Hemmenbach, Associate sports editor


On Oct.16, HPU Green defeated HPU White 2-1 in a prestigious match that pitted them against the No.3 ranked team in the league. And the way Green won was astonishing.

Late in the first half, Green goalkeeper Zachary Mourad was sent off in a controversial call. So far, the White Team had controlled the game. Green started the second half with a morale boost for what team members considered a bad call, as Green took over the game’s initiative.

As a result of that, Andre Whitt put Green ahead 1-0 after evading two defenders. White, clearly disturbed by the Green’s success, tried to reply but faced a firm and solid defense. “Once the goal came, you could see the White Team drop their heads,” said Frank Doyle, Green’s coach.

Despite one man down, Green kept up the pressure and halfway through the second half, Green’s forward Sava Sasic dribbled past the White’s defense, making it look easy as he set the score 2-0 with a cool finish.

White finally reacted but it was too late. Midfielder Iovo Stefanov reduced the lead, making the score 2-1, but only seconds remained and the undermanned Green Team defeated its one prestigious rival.

On Oct.23, Green played the Bulls, who had defeated White two weeks earlier. Both teams were undefeated before the game, hence the seventh game seemed to be a difficult challenge for Green. But the game proved to be easier than expected early on.

After 20 minutes, Torbjorn Hompland executed inside the penalty area, making the score 1-0. A few minutes later, Mike Harding outran the Bulls’ defense and set the score 2-0 with a perfect finish.

The Bulls already looked like a beaten team. Green controlled the game and kept possession of the ball. In the beginning of the second half, Chris Sinclair ran through the Bulls’ defense, with the goalie coming out and a defender on his back, Sinclair’s finish was extraordinary, making the score 3-0.
The Green team guarded its lead and worked hard until the final whistle. Coach Doyle was extremely satisfied. “The guys are enthusiastic out there [on the field],” he said. “They feel no pressure at all,” he added.

After two impressive victories against Bulls and the White Team, and still undefeated after seven games, modesty really isn’t needed. The Green Team goes towards the playoffs as favorite to win the championship.


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