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by Stefanie Sasaki, Electronic Services Cataloging librarian

Well, over the course of the summer, that is exactly what the University Libraries’ staff did with Pipeline’s Libraries tab. We sorted, stacked, and evaluated the information. Fueled by student comments and suggestions, we were able to streamline options and links on the interface. All the same great library information regarding services and resources is still available, but now it’s neatly packaged and user-friendly.

In addition to an “Off Campus” link, located to the far right of each database title, for those who prefer to do research from home rather than on campus, here are a few helpful tips for navigating the Pipeline Libraries tab:

• The left column of the page is dedicated to Research Tools and allows access to library-subscribed electronic databases, the online book catalog and periodical list, eBook collections, audio-visual materials catalog, Useful Internet Sites (by subject), and much more.

• The middle column keeps you informed about current library announcements, information on how to contact a librarian for reference assistance, and selected program support.

• The right column of the page provides links to general library information on services and resources.

So the next time you visit the Libraries tab on Pipeline, you should find the page well organized and easier to navigate. And remember, the libraries will be closed Nov. 11 for Veteran’s Day.




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