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by Camilla Andersson, staff writer


At this year’s Louis Vuitton Hawai‘i International Film Festival, Chiba was awarded the prestigious Maverick Award, traditionally given to “individuals with unique and varied careers in international cinema; individuals with edge and grit,” according to the HIFF Web site. During his acceptance speech, Chiba described his most recent project, a film he hopes to present at next year’s film festival.

Chiba was only one of about 17 award winners sharing the stage at the HIFF award ceremonies Oct. 28. Frank Lin, who produced, wrote, and directed American Fusion won the Hawaiian Airlines Audience Choice Award for Feature Film. Lin, who barely could find words during his acceptance speech, finally just laughed and admitted to the audience that the film had been finished only an hour before the departure of his flight to Hawai‘i.

“ It was crazy,” Lin said after the award show. “I literally finished the movie, rushed to the airport, and arrived there 15 minutes before the flight took off.”

Winning the award wasn’t something Lin expected, since American Fusion is his first movie. Lin, who went to UCLA Film School, hopes that the award is going to make it easier to find sponsors for his upcoming movie. He explained how hard it is to be new in the film industry.

“ Sometimes the choice is between sending out your script or having food,and then you just send out the script and hope for the best. At least you know you’re doing what you want,” Lin said. Lin doesn’t seem sad about this fact of film-making life. He just smiles and laughs at the whole situation

“ It’s so funny,” Lin said. “We wrote the script for six months, then we raised money for a whole year, and then it all came down to 18 days of filming.

“ Those 18 days were the best holiday of my life,” he added with a huge smile.

Lin said that the movie industry is a hard but fun industry to work in: “Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and do it.” He encourages everyone who dreams about a filmmaking career to precede with their dream.

“ If you keep making movies, eventually, you will get what you want,” Lin said, grabbing his award for a photo-op and then bouncing away to celebrate it with his crew members.



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