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by Eddie London, staff writer


Written and directed by Edmond Pang Ho-Cheung, Beyond our Ken takes us on a wild adventure through the streets of Hong Kong and explores a cruel perverted love triangle. Ken, played by Daniel Wu, is a fireman whose goal is to “rescue” as many women as possible. When ex-girlfriend Chan, played by Gillian Chung, confronted his current girlfriend Shirley, played by Hong Tao, with the nude photos and accused Ken of posting them, Shirley is initially unconvinced.

Chan shows her the Web site, and convinces Shirley that Ken is the sleazy dirt bag she was hoping he wasn’t. The girls compare notes of Ken’s bad habits and realize that at one point he had used the same pick-up line, using his firefighter job as an excuse to rescue both of the girls.
The girls join forces concocting plans to get Ken’s keys, get into his house, and remove the photos from his computer. When the girls finally break into his computer, they find more than they could ever have expected to find.

The plotline is full of action even though some of the scenes are a little melodramatic and slow. Initially, this story seems to be just about Ken and his vast array of girlfriends, and how the two girls are going to get revenge. But the realistic story line reveals an even darker twist at the end. There are clues to the realization of the truth in the many flashbacks that suggest why Ken dumped Chan to begin with.

The plot seems obvious enough to have a predictable ending, but this one ends with a dark realization of reality as the girls reveal the true nature of their characters. The film plays a lot with the theme that “A prince never mistreats a princess; if he does, then he is not a real prince,” brought up in Ken’s conversations with both girls. In the end the girls realize that there are no real princes, only jerks, and we along with the girls, realize there are no real princesses, only witches. This excellent film, twisted to the end, is a must see.



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