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Copyright 2005 by Don Diebel
When you’re on a dinner date at a restaurant, women will take notice of your table manners, and those manners, or their lack, will affect your date’s response to you in other matters.
A full discussion of proper table etiquette would fill a book. I’m not going to lecture you on every single aspect of good table manners. I’m just going to focus on what to do with your napkin. Follow these simple rules to make a good impression on your date:

1. If you have to get up and leave your table during your meal: Place your napkin to the left of your plate or leave it on the seat of your chair (with the soiled areas face down).
2. Don’t wipe or scrub your mouth with your napkin while eating. Dab the napkin on your lips or corners of your mouth.
3. After both of your plates have been cleared from your table, lay your napkin in the center of the table for your waiter or waitress to pick up.
4. Never tuck your napkin into your collar or between the buttons on your shirt.
5. Never blow your nose into your napkin. It’s the absolute worse thing you can do with your napkin and will really turn off your date to the point where she may not want a second date with you.

Editor’s note: Don Diebel calls himself America’s No. 1 Singles Expert. If you would like more free dating tips, visit his Web site at:



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