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By Jenny Lundahl, '04

This was not a spooky event like other Halloween festivities. Instead, it was a family-oriented occasion where the HPU community came together to warm up for the Sea Warrior’s first exhibition basketball game of the season.

“ I never bothered coming to this event before,” said Jeff Lewandowski, who graduated from HPU in 2002. “But this year it was so right to come because my son and I loved it, especially the bouncer tent.” Lewandowski looked like he had just finished a triathlon, while his toddler, Tristan, seemed to be ready for another round.

Between 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m., the lawn in front of St. Andrew’s Cathedral was covered with booths where spectators could play games and go trick or treating. Each booth had a different theme and was set up by a different HPU club, and by the athletics teams as well as the HPU band, dancers, and cheerleaders.

Halloween Hoopla not only offered entertainment and activities, but also free food and refreshments. “You can’t go wrong with free pizza,” said Julie Akey, an English Foundations Program adjunct at HPU, “especially with my kids.” Sitting on the grass next to her were a set of twin clowns munching on slices of pizza from Papa Johns and piles of candy.

When the sun started to disappear below the horizon, everyone, participants as well as spectators, moved towards the St. Andrew’s Priory gym for an exhibition game between HPU faculty and the local media, the opening exhibition game of the basketball season.


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