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by Sarah Johnson, ASHPU senior representative and Fall Event Committee chair


Editor’s note: The success of ASHPU’s Monster’s Ball was marred by a mix-up that left some students locked out. ASHPU e-mailed all Pipeline accounts announcing that unused tickets would be refunded.

With D.J. Taco returning to spin the tables, it was guaranteed that everyone would enjoy their night. The dance floor was packed with people dancing, and all the chairs were filled with students in great costumes.

“ Females” were the “in” theme for many of this year’s costumes, with the costume of choice seeming to be “women we like,” and with many men seizing the opportunity to dress as ballerinas, cheerleaders with blonde wigs, and princesses. Of course, there were the usual number of axe murderers and devils.

For relief from the packed dance floor, people checked out the Planet Hollywood buffet, which offered all the traditional pupus, from egg rolls to pot stickers, and provided a free flow of nonalcoholic beverages.

Unfortunately, while everyone inside was enjoying themselves, people outside were getting angry. By 11 p.m., the event had sold out its 1,000 tickets. Planet Hollywood’s general manager ordered the doors locked.

At this point, ASHPU no longer had any say in who was let in. The crowd outside became hostile, and Planet Hollywood security had to physically remove several people from the premises and eventually called the police.

In past years, filling the venue has never been a problem, as the number of tickets sold is limited. This year hundreds showed up to purchase tickets at the door, so the venue filled up immediately. Added to the problem, in past years people inside began to trickle out around 11:30, thus allowing more to be let in; this year few people left the event.

Despite the furor, no major damage was done to any property, no one was arrested, and no one was hurt, inside the event or outside. Unused tickets were refunded at a table on Fort Street Mall the following week.



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