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by Kalamalama staff


The semi-annual fund drive kicked off on Oct. 19 “and will end when we meet our goal,” said Gene Evans, Listener Services manager for HPR. The overall goal for the drive was $547,000. The goal was exceeded by more than $13,400 when the drive concluded on Oct. 27, according to Evans. A pre-drive was held the week before, with donations totaling $125,500, according to

“ It’s always nice to help the community. Especially Public Radio, because they don’t depend on advertising,” said Press Club President Robin Hansson, who worked the phones for HPR’s F.M. broadcast stream, KIPO.

Donations of all amounts were gladly accepted by volunteers. As an incentive, pledges of $60 (available as $5 monthly installments for a year), included a year’s membership with HPR, an annual subscription to Honolulu Magazine, a 13-week subscription to Pacific Business News, and discounts to HPR sponsored events such as concerts. Other appreciation gifts, including T-shirts, coffee cups, and CDs, were given to supporters pledging higher amounts.

Funds raised at the telethon help to support HPR’s mission “to educate, inform, and entertain by providing services to Hawai‘i…that would not otherwise be available.”

According to Evans, donations assist with funding for programming and projects. For example, in January 2001, HPR extended its listeners base via the Internet from their Web site “by augmenting online ‘streaming’ of the KIPO 89.3 programming schedule, which is not received on neighbor islands and on some parts of O‘ahu,” Evans said.

HPR Board member Charlotte Vick volunteered to take phone pledges in between anchoring live radio broadcasts for KIPO. During breaks, Vick called up friends to encourage them to pledge donations. “I love waking up to HPR, and I listen all day long. It’s so important to keep public radio going,” she said.

Donations to HPR are still welcomed. Call 944-8800 or visit their Web site at



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