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by Camilla Andersson, staff writer


Christian Clemente, from Sweden, is the president of SSA. He said that about the 200 members of the club represent 30 different nationalities. “The Swedish Student Association is a social club,” Clemente added. “We are best known for our great parties, especially the Scandinavian Christmas Party,”.

The Christmas party is a very popular event held every year in December. It gives students the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Scandinavian Christmas celebration with Scandinavian food, beverages, and entertainment.

When Linda Toverud, a junior at HPU from Sweden, talks about the Christmas party, she smiles. “Yea, the Christmas party is great!” Toverud said. “I also liked the ‘80s party! There are always so many people attending SSA events, and there’s always great fun.”

Toverud has been a member of the SSA for over two years now. “I’m so happy that I joined the SSA. There is so much fun going on in the club, and you meet so many people at the SSA activities,” Toverud added.

The SSA was awarded “Most Spirited Club” at the annual Club Awards Banquet in April 2004, and it has been nominated in several other categories over the last few years. No membership fee is required to join this award-winning club which for the 10 years of its existence has welcomed both Swedish and non-Swedish students. To join the SSA, he added, simply send the club an e-mail through HPU’s Web site.

When Clemente is asked why a student should join the SSA, he smirks and replies: “Because we have the best parties and the most beautiful women.” So far, no one has argued with that!




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