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Special to Kalamalama by Monica J. Occhetti

However, many undergraduate students have just as many responsibilities as graduate students. The truth is that even if you’re a graduate student, it is possible to have a social life, even if it isn’t as active as an undergraduates.

Every semester, the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) at HPU kicks off the school year with a picnic at Fort De Russy Park. Outings such as hikes and cruises are recurring events that the GSO plans for every semester. Seminars on topics ranging from leadership to public speaking offer an enriching atmosphere for students to exchange ideas and simply meet each other.

Imagine the GSO as the ASHPU (Associated Students of Hawai‘i Pacific University) of graduate school. Graduate students are automatically members of the GSO; however they must give officers of the club their contact information in order to receive e-mails. Students are free to be as socially active as they see fit. The time commitment can be minimal, unless you’re the officer planning the event!

The officers of this student-run, HPU-sponsored organization start planning for events early. For example, the fall 2005 events were mostly put on the calendar during final exams week of the spring 2005 semester. The GSO calendar, as well as pictures from past events and more, can be found on the club’s Web site:

A trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center, as well as a surfing lesson at Waikiki beach, were new additions to this year’s calendar.




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