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by Robin Hansson, staff writer


The club schedule for the week included dress-up themes for each day. Monday was “Pajama/ Bad Hair Day”; Tuesday was “Twin/Group Day”; Wednesday was “Sports Day”; Thursday was “Military Day”; and Friday's theme was “Polynesian Day.”

Judging, done by members of USO, took place each day from noon to 1 p.m. in front of the Student Life Office. Students were judged individually, and prizes were awarded.

USO President Jordanna Maga is a sophomore, studying 3-2 engineering. She said that USO decided to put together a Halloween Spirit Week because it was a fun thing that a lot of students did in high school, and they wanted to bring that fun to the University.

Maga said that the best day of Spirit Week was Thursday, Military Day, because so many students took the time to dress up.

“ Everybody thought those people should have been in the military!” Maga said.
Of this year’s Spirit Week, Maga said, “It was good, but hopefully we’ll do better next year.” Her goal is to have most of the student body have fun and participate.

Students who want to be part of the fun can join the United Samoan Organization. Maga said: “You don’t have to be Samoan or Polynesian. USO is open to all students of HPU.
“ And you don’t have to wait for the Club Carnival to sign up,” she added.


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