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Bty Jaime Ahmed, staff writer


To establish the mood, the band starts the show with some traditional country music which then carries into the opening act, which is set in Rosie’s Place, a western tavern that is brought to life by its talented and flamboyant characters with smooth country vocals and entertaining line dances. The leading lady Rosie, played by Shari Lynn, carries the play’s plot by being the owner of Rosie’s Place. Johnny, Rosie’s husband, played by Jim Tharp, does a remarkable job supporting Rosie as they say farewell to Rosie’s Place, which is closing because Rosie and Johnny accepted a generous offer for the land it sits on.

Aloha Rosie’s is only half a musical revue. Each of the main characters have cameo songs that share a little about themselves and how they came to be part of the Rosie’s family. Dan, Rosie’s son, played by Ethan Okura, does a duet “All We Had,” with Jenny, played by Becky Maltby, who is an aspiring singer who returns to Rosie’s as a waitress to say farewell. Also Nathan the devil, played by Glenn Cannon, performs a hilarious song “The Devil’s Rap.” Following that hilarious song is more fun and laughter with Dos Ahole, played by Andy Alvarado who performs “Dos Ahole,” and “Mama’s Chile Beans,” performed by Charlie, played by Alan Picard. There are over a dozen songs that are all entertaining and all tie together for the love of Rosie’s Place.

Although Rosie’s Place is closing down, it’s not the end. Rosie and Johnny had vacationed in Hawai‘i and enjoyed it so much that they decide to move there and re-open Rosie’s Place. After announcing the big news to their “regulars,” they brighten the mood with a generous surprise. They will fly everyone to Hawai‘i for the second act grand opening of Rosie’s Place.

From the opening song to the final goodbye, the characters have nothing but uplifting, joyful, spirits. The comical and upbeat music keeps the audience lively and involved. Getting the audience involved is a risk that the director chooses to take, in this case it’s a risk well worth it. Throughout the play the audience was able to clap, sing, and laugh along with the actors, almost as if the audience members were “regulars” at Rosie’s Place as well.

Aloha Rosie’s is a play that revolves around people who share a love for a place that has been a second home. The play shows that the simple environment of a country bar can bring people together in a loving and caring manner, a place where “everybody knows your name!”


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