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by Robin Hansson, online editor

If there is one band that can increase this trend, it’s Sweden’s own Sabaton. Both Sabaton and its debut album, Primo Victoria, have everything true heavy metal fans crave.

For starters, the front man, Joakim Broden, has a deep, energetic caveman voice, perfect in this context. Moreover, Sabaton’s lyrics are, in true Saxon/Iron Maiden style, about raw uncensored World War II violence which brings out the caveman in listeners.

In addition, it has not a single weak track. That’s heavy metal 101 for you.

What separates this band from the average ‘80s heavy metal band is that Sabaton’s music is more modern and faster paced, yet melodic. Considering how hard this music is, one can still understand what is said and sing along with one’s buddies.

Sabaton’s equation of hard heavy metal, long-haired guys, and violent lyrics is tremendously effective.
If you have $20 to spare, and you want to unleash the lion within, go to your local music store and buy Primo Victoria by Sabaton.


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