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By Kalamalama staff

Established in 1984, Intercultural Day has evolved into one of the largest intercultural activities in Hawai‘i. Over the years, HPU has become a melting pot by attracting students from around the globe. Intercultural Day creates a venue for these students to share their traditions and customs.

HPU’s Intercultural Day promotes the active participation of students and visitors who are able to touch people of other cultures through colorful and vibrant costumes, exhibits, country flags, dances, songs, and stories.

The December Intercultural Holiday Bazaar, like the spring Intercultural Day event, is structured to promote meaningful interactions among people of many different cultures and backgrounds. As people visit country exhibits, enthusiastic students eager to share information about their traditions, crafts, customs, costumes, and foods will greet them, thus making it possible to “travel the world” in one day, said International Student Advisor Ann Newton.


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