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by Kyle Galdeira, editor

Dean Hayashida, Sales director of Transition!, presented his publication to The Press Club at HPU and the students in JOUR3500, The Business of News class in October. Hayashida clarified what the magazine has to offer its readers and advertisers as well as what steps are involved in creating Transition! and in arranging for its distribution to every high school student in the state, through the Hawai‘i Dept. of Education.

According to Hayashida, the magazine sprang from the desire to create a publication for local teenagers that would carry with it a positive message about education and the relevance of classroom education to the whole of students’ lives. He is confident that Transition! will be successful because it does just that, and because there are no competing products. Also, he added, there was a great demand for the magazine.

“ Everyone I spoke to, including many, many teenagers and their parents, agreed upon a need for a publication about education and careers for students,” Hayashida said. “I was confident that the publication would be read by many people (barring any disasters in presentation).”

Because of the benefits for prospective students and parents, the publisher, Obun Hawai‘i, was able to iron out a deal with the State Career and Technical Education Division which allowed the magazine to be distributed to every public high school on all islands.

“ Since beginning my research, I realized that the only way we could practically distribute this magazine would be to find someone who would benefit from it as much as we would,” Hayashida said. The DOE filled the bill.

To assure that it would be relevant to its target readers, the Transition! team created a Student Advisory Board which consists of 20 teenagers from different O‘ahu high schools. These advisors write articles, review artwork and layout as well as suggest content and critique the articles submitted, based on what they know their peers would like to read.

Hayashida told HPU’s senior journalism students that opportunities for advertising sales were attractive to those in the recruitment market, including local and mainland colleges and the military, because so many high school students would be exposed to the product.

“ In the case of Transition!, our benefit to advertisers (is summarized in) two major points: first, what we advertise is integral to the reason why our readers pick up the magazine,” Hayashida explained. “Second, support of Transition! Magazine is seen as support for Hawai‘i students, and is a terrific brand association for local businesses and organizations.”

Transition! is available at public libraries. For more information, write to: info@transitionhawaii.com


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