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By Ikena DuPont

The biggest example of the lack of facilities at HPU is the baseball program. The team must practice at Ke‘ehi Lagoon near the airport about eight miles from the downtown campus.

Some players have to catch a ride with others. If the driver is late for practice, they all have to pay the penalty. One way to fix this problem would be to build a baseball field on the Hawai‘i Loa campus. The field could be sublet to high school and little league teams, thus helping with the cost.
Junior catcher Anje Sramek said, “We need our own field on campus that we could take care of and call our own.”

An on-campus field would also be good so the team could have the support of students. HPU baseball has always lacked support so far away, at the Aloha Stadium in Halawa, or Hans L’Orange Park in Waipahu.

Third basemen Danny Lee said, “A field on campus would bring a lot more students to the games. After going on the road last year and seeing all of the students at the opposing team’s games, I realized that student support would help us out a lot.”

“ If we had an on-campus field we would have a lot more girls at our games,” said senior first basemen Jherell Miller. “We play better knowing that girls are cheering us on.”

Many of the baseball players live in apartments and have to pay every time they wash their laundry. A locker room with washers would improve morale because now some players wear their practice uniforms for a week without washing them.

Junior second basemen Nick Spoden said, “A locker room would help us players who don’t have cars because we have to wait for our ride to practice at school and we carry our things around campus. It would be great if we had somewhere at our field to store our equipment.”

Miller said, “A locker room would strengthen team chemistry because in would allow the team to get ready as one and leave as one.”

The team also needs trainers to attend practice. The team has been practicing all fall and there has not been a trainer there yet.

Pitcher Cruz Hatanaka said, “We need trainers at our practice. The pitchers need to have attention after every time we pitch. It defeats the purpose if we have to go to the training room the next day.”


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