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by Jimmi Hemmenbach, associate sports editor
“This team can probably beat any team in the league,” Doyle said. “Just look at the standings, we’re still undefeated after seven games.”

However, the new Green Team differs a lot from last fall’s regular season championship winners. “We had an extremely solid defense then, and the center midfield was also very strong,” Doyle said.
Fortunately, the competition among the players is strong. The Green Team’s squad consists of 25 players. Only 18 of them can be nominated for each game, and only 16 can play. “It’s a positive thing. They know they have to work hard to be called for Sunday’s game,” Doyle said.

Doyle’s not really sure how the players will match up against the stronger teams, but there are two Green players who might prove decisive: Erik Wangen, who plays center fullback, and Torbjorn Hompland, both from Norway. Doyle said he looks to these two to lead the team to the playoffs.
Doyle points out other differences: “Last year’s team was much better individually, but I do believe that as a team we’re stronger this year,” he said.

Doyle and Wangen demonstrate that the defense is the key component of the team. Only two goals have been scored against them this season, a remarkable number considering that the defense was composed only a month ago.

“ It’s not only about the defensive line though,” Wangen said. “We have two competitive goalies.”
He added, “Having a good goalie makes you play with more confidence.” When asked if the Green and White teams will face each other in the championship final, Wangen laughed.

“ The White Team is definitely the favorite to win the championship. We can just call my team the underdog.”


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