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by Marin Matsuzawa, staff writer


If they meet all the criteria, two kinds of visas can be requested: Curricular Practical Training and employment based on economic hardship.

Applicants who want to obtain CPT need to set up an appointment with an adviser to talk about details such as employer information and jobs. At the same time, they must bring their valid passport with I-94 form and I-20 issued by HPU. The authorization will be noted once all the information is identified clearly by the adviser. The applicants need to register for the credit and then return to CSC to submit the I-20 with the registration. It takes about seven to 10 days to process.

CPT gives F-1 status students an opportunity to gain work experience outside school. The title of the job has to be relevant to their major field of study at HPU. The visa allows paid and nonpaid types of jobs, usually for cooperative education or internship programs. According to the employment authorization guide, employment is limited to 20 hours a week in a regular semester; however, the students are allowed to work full time during summer and winter vacations.

Applicants who want to obtain employment based on economic hardship go through the same process. The major difference is that an economic hardship visa authorization requires a filing fee (the amount varies), and the process takes longer, about three to four months. Obviously, it’s more complicated than CPT, but the visa is valid for one year and the student can work in any kind of field that satisfies his or her financial needs.

Employment based on economic hardship is for the students who are in need of financial support by working in the U.S. They must demonstrate their economic hardship in documents attached with an essay. In addition, some recommendation letters are required.




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