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by Marquise Brack, staff writer

On Feb. 10, at the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, a tribute concert was held in his honor.
Twenty-five reggae bands and DJs performed both their favorite Marley songs and original hits of their own, in celebration of the artist and his memorable work. Three different stages and a drained hurricane wave pool hosted local artists such as Ooklah The Moc, Dubconcsious, B.E.T., Most High, and Humble Soul. Positive Regime and One Drop were among the first artists to kick off an evening that began at 7 p.m. that burned into the early morning.

Ticket holders were packed tighter than the rolled joints that were lit up before the crowd even entered the park. Hundreds of tightly compressed bodies tediously shuffled their way towards the single table ran by two staff members, who handled the pick up of will call tickets and V.I.P. passes. Security shut down the entrance of the water park for more than two hours, around 9 p.m., due to the overcrowding of the venue. The crowd tried rushing the gates, and while security held them out, others hopped the fences.

“ The crowd waiting to get into the concert was crazy,” said 20-year-old University of Hawai‘i psychology major Alicia Saxe. “Everyone was packed together, and the event seemed really poorly organized.”

Security guards were greatly outnumbered by heated concertgoers and eventually complied with the demanding fans and began to let individuals into the park.

However, the chaos did not end there. Streams of people flowed through the venue slowly moving to and from the four stages while the reincarnated sounds of Bob Marley swam over the park. Though scheduled headliner Gregory Isaacs canceled his performance at the last minute for unknown reasons, other local favorites such as Ooklah The Moc and Humble Soul lit up the stage in fiery performances.

“ Ooklah The Moc was awesome,” said 21-year-old HPU political science major Joey Phelps. “I think this festival is going to end up being the concert of the year.”


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