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by Desiree Ramirez, Women's Life editor


A sweater coat appropriately titled Soft Jacket was handcrafted by Ghislaine Chock. The light pink sweater is made out of silk paper, silk, cotton, and ribbon, and was very soft. This piece could be considered a wearable garment and had soft, curvy lines along the bottom hem. There were also six different faces, each with thoughtful expressions, stitched in a vertical line on the inside back of the sweater.

Another stunning piece was created by Paula Rath titled Mana A Mano. It is a couture gown crafted from discarded tarlatans which are pieces of loose-weave muslin that printmakers use to rub ink into plates. The floor-length gown has different layers of variously colored muslin and vintage lace over the bust.

There were three hand-woven necklaces with glass beads done by Barbara Edelstein in colors ranging from deep ocean blue to orange. Several tapestries each had their own color scheme, and handwoven silk shawls were done in pink, black, and beige. Fabrics used in construction also included natural fibers, yarn, plastic spiral binding, copper, and videotape.

Every piece had a different theme, and the exhibit is eye catching and worth visiting. The exhibit, which is free, runs from Jan. 29-Mar. 10 on Mon.-Sat. at 8a.m.-5p.m.



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