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By Jimmi Hemmenbach, Sports editor



The White team started off sluggishly. In the middle of the first half, former HPU student Marcelo Castro gave Aloha Amazon the lead after a beautiful finish, beating White’s goalkeeper, Fredrik Tunvall, to the ball. At halftime, White was still down, 0-1, and Coach Scott Liedtke was not happy.

“ We played without intensity out there,” Liedtke said. “We have to move the ball quicker, and use our midfield more often,” he added.

The instructions given, and changes made immediately, produced results. Aki tied the game after only a couple of minutes, and shortly after that, right fullback Marcus Lindskog gave White the lead, forcing the ball into the net on a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper.

Halfway through the second half, Aki turned on the heat. In a span of 20 minutes he scored three times, turning what from the beginning had seemed a difficult task into a comfortable victory.

Liedtke was pleased with the second half: “We played with more intensity and kept possession of the ball,” he said. “That really opened up the game.”


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