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By Jimmi Hemmenbach, Sports editor


This season the team has two returning players who will add force to the squad. Norwegian defender Stig Kallestadhas returned from his studies in Thailand. He is joined by Serbian midfielder Marco Filipovic, and both are expected to greatly reinforce the team.

“ Stig is a player with great defensive qualities,” Coach Scott Liedtke said. “And Marco is very good at controlling the ball in the midfield.”

Two new players, Tevis Foreman from Cincinatti, Ohio, and Oystein Helle from Norway, have also joined the White team. The Green team, last year’s regular season winner, lost four of its key players—Lars Norbach, David Saadat, Sava Sasic, and Mike Harding—and has had a rough start this season. Last season the undefeated Green team set a new island record by only allowing five goals during the regular season. This season, the team tied its first game 2-2 against the Brotherhood on Feb. 3, and lost to the Dawgs 0-1 on Feb. 6. On Feb. 12, Green lost again, to the Honolulu Bulls 2-1.

Green team’s captain, Norwegian Erik Wangen, believes that the team will have problems repeating last season’s success.

“ Losing four good players and not replacing them with any new [players]: of course it will be difficult to achieve the same result as last season,” Wangen said. “A realistic goal for this season would be to make it to the playoffs,” he added.

However, even if both HPU teams make it to the playoffs, neither would be able to participate. The first semifinal will be played on May 21, and by then most of the players have already left the island for the summer. Coach Liedtke clarified the emphasis for the season:

“ We have to make sure that either White or Green win the Jack Sullivan Trophy for best overall record during the regular season,” Liedtke said.


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