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By Barbara Burke, Faculty Athletics Representative


She has been a member of the HPU Sea Warrior women’s soccer team for four years.

Pascua will graduate with a degree in nursing in May. Her plans after graduation are “to work in a hospital for a year and then, hopefully, get into a master’s program.” She particularly likes pediatrics.
“ I did a clinical at Kahuku,” she said, “and I had a lot of fun working with kids.”

Despite her busy school and Sea Warrior soccer schedule, Pascua makes time to volunteer as an assistant coach for AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) and for Castle High School.

“ Soccer and school take up all of my time,” she said. Her few free hours are generally spent with family.

Pascua has a 3.61 GPA. She relies on good time management skills and collaborative study groups to maintain high academic marks. “I have to really prioritize my time. What works well for me is to work with my classmates in study groups, to talk through things, and put everything together,” Pascua explained.

One of her favorite classes at HPU was an obstetrics clinical course. As part of a pilot program, Pascua and her classmates traveled to Salinas, Calif., during the recent winter break, for some hands-one experience.

“ For me, that class was so awesome,” Pascua said, “because we were put into a situation in a totally different culture from Hawai‘i. We had a lot of opportunities to get involved with patients.

“ I helped a lady give birth and watched a C-section,” Pascua added.

Preston Sims decided to attend the University not only because it offered a field of study that interested him, but also because it offered an opportunity to play soccer. He is an outside midfielder on the HPU Sea Warrior men’s Green team.

Sims hails from Middleton, Colo., where, he said, he “played soccer my whole life.”

Although this is only his fourth semester at HPU, Sims is a junior academically. He enrolled as a freshman in fall 2004 with 15 advanced placement credits and 8 credits of calculus from the University of Colorado-Denver. His current GPA is 3.81.

Sims is pursuing a double communications major in public relations and advertising. Upon graduation, he would like “to get on with a PR/advertising firm and work with a soccer company.”

One strategy Sims uses to maintain his high GPA is notecards. “I’ve always used notecards,” he said. “You can do a broad subject on one side and details on the other side. They are useful if you need to know vocabulary.”

When it comes to homework, he added, “I’ve never missed a homework assignment my whole life.”

In his spare time, Sims enjoys surfing, volleyball, and extreme cliff diving. “I go to Maunawili Falls and Sandy’s,” he said. “My signature move is called a ‘slow-row’—a slow-rotation back flip.”


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