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Special to Kalamalama by Monica J. Occhetti, Marketing Chair for the Kane'ohe Relay for Life

The Kane‘ohe Relay for Life will be held at the circular track at the WCC athletic field. Similar relays take place across the country and serve as one of the American Cancer Society’s main fundraising activities. Relay participants collect donations from sponsors weeks before the actual event, the donations to be used to fund the fight against cancer. Special opportunities are available for those who attend the event to give monetary donations and also to honor loved ones who have lost their lives to cancer.

Entertainment, contests, food, and information on cancer prevention are all provided free of charge to those who attend the event. Teams are welcome to sign up between now and the day of the event. To form a team, join a team, or make a donation, visit the Web site: www.acsevents.org/hi/relay/kaneohe or e-mail questions to hpu_rfl@yahoo.com.

Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) is an HPU registered independent organization. At the close of the fall semester, CAC challenged cigarette smokers at the Hawai‘i Loa campus to give up their cigarette packs in exchange for a Subway® sandwich. Only one student, Jorge Arias, a senior majoring in psychology took the offer. As a TGIF event, the organization recently gave away Starbucks and Jamba Juice cards to students as prizes if they could answer three cancer-related questions. Students can expect to see CAC host a TGIF event again during the spring semester.


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