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by Susie Contreras, Arts and Entertainment editor


“I got nominated by Dr.Gula,” said Takushi, who is Japanese-Filipino and was born and raised in Hawai‘i. “It wasn’t even that much work to do,” he added.

According to Takushi, after being nominated he had to write a 500 word essay on Pioneering Minorities in the Business. Dr. Joanne Gula, assistant professor of communication at HPU, wrote his recommendation letter. Takushi said the whole process took about a month. “It was really quick,” said Takushi.

The AAF has been holding the annual competition for 10 years and this year it hosted its awards program in New York where Takushi was one of 51 other minority students meeting with top advertising industry professionals.

Takushi said he was both excited and anxious about going to New York. “I think definitely it will help me in the long run. Even if nothing happens, I have so many great contacts now.”

This is the second advertising program Takushi has been involved in. He’s participated as an intern in the American Association of Advertising Agencies multicultural advertising internship program. He interned at Young and Rubicam’s as a copywriter where, he said, he mostly worked on the Dannon program. “I’ll never eat yogurt again,” Takushi added.

Takushi also participated in the Disney Program through HPU’s Disney internship. He traveled to Florida where he played different Disney Characters at Disney World. Takushi, who said he had never gone to Disney World or Disney Land, ended up mostly playing a girl mouse from Cinderella or one of the two chipmunks, Chip and Dale.

Takushi said he actually chose to go into advertising because of a Disney commercial he saw when he was young. “I like the emotional attachment you get when you see a commercial,” said Takushi.
For now Takushi seems to be focused on his graduation, which is coming up fast this May. “I’m going through that senior stage where all your predictions on what you’re going to do aren’t true,” said Takushi about what his plans after graduation. He has two mock interviews set up with local ad agencies that approached him and asked him to visit their offices. The rest of the time his favorite TV shows can keep him occupied.


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