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by Michele Shackelford, staff writer
Stress is part of everyone’s life, and many working women as well as mothers exist in high stress environments on a regular basis. Exercising is one of the best ways to alleviate stress and stay healthy. Women’s gyms today understand that we, as a society, are growing increasingly busier, and they offer flexible programs to accommodate each woman’s needs. They have organized programs that allow women to do a 30-minute workout cycle and be finished. This is a big advantage for working women, mothers, and anyone looking to get fit without spending hours in the gym. Women trainers are located around most gyms to help guide women, answer questions, and schedule personal consultations.

Some women’s gyms are focused more towards women who are in the early stages of losing weight. Others focus on women looking to maintain their weight and health. All are designed for women looking to enrich their lives and do their recommended amount of fitness activity in a comfortable and supportive environment. Curve’s is a popular gym with franchises world- wide that offers 30-minute cycle programs. Gold’s Gym, another popular gym franchise, includes woman-only sections, usually upstairs in a private area where women can go workout, or with a women fitness trainer.

Medical research on obesity and its side affects is regularly featured in news programs. We are beginning to recognize obesity as a disease afflicting Western societies. Women’s fitness clubs, weight support groups, and educational classes are appearing all over the nation as we recognize that women must take care of themselves, and that by joining athletic clubs, support groups, and living a more natural life we are only helping ourselves and our future.


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