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by Kalamalama staff

“I hope that serving on the board will bring more visibility to Hawai‘i Pacific and more opportunities to HPU students,” said Lam.

As director of HPU’s TIM program, Lam is responsible for the development and marketing of the program. She often represents the University, traveling to various parts of Asia to conduct seminars, visiting partner universities, and participating in education fairs.

Lam has more than 20 years of professional experience in the food manufacturing and retailing business, working with clients from major airlines and hotels. She also conducts training programs and prepares marketing plans for major corporations.

A member of HHSMA for five years, Lam has served on the Board of Directors as secretary, first vice president, and second vice president. She has been a faculty member and administrator at HPU since 1988.

In addition to her service with HHSMA, Lam is member of the Academy of Travel and Tourism; the Council of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education; the Hawai‘i Hotel Association; the American Educational Research Association; and a past member of the Downtown Neighborhood Board.



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