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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright


A. They have recently employed, or currently employ, HPU communication interns.

Look around Honolulu’s vibrant media industries and you’re likely to see many HPU communication majors contributing to their creative mix. At the same time, these students are networking with media professionals, finding mentors, gaining “real world” experience, and compiling portfolios that showcase their emerging professional skills. A major requirement of HPU internships is that students be assigned the same duties an entry-level employee would be required to do. This, experience shows, is a “win-win” scenario for students as well as for the organizations that bring them on.

The number of internship opportunities on O‘ahu alone has grown steadily, standing at around 100 today. These internships cover a broad range of media-related firms not only on the island but also on the U.S. mainland and overseas. For example, over the past year students have successfully completed internships in Sweden and in Taiwan as well as internships in New York City and in Los Angeles with MTV.

Students work a minimum of 200 hours during the semester they are registered for an internship. They work under supervision of a professional, and the internships are closely monitored by either a senior faculty member or the dean of the College of Communication. Each year about 50 communication undergraduate majors complete internships. To be eligible for an internship, students must have at least an overall B grade point average and have completed a minimum of three upper-level courses in their major field of study.

This real world experience can pay real dividends, not only to students who gain work experience but also to organizations that gain motivated, skilled and enthusiastic interns. The growth of HPU’s internship program largely reflects the outstanding work HPU students perform on the job. Internships are just one of many ways HPU reaches out and interacts with Hawai‘i and the world beyond our islands.

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