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by Alan Jones, staff writer

Traveling from Hawai‘i to any destination means finding an airfare that doesn’t drain your bank account. Here are a few ways to save on airline tickets and other travel expenses.

First, buying more than one ticket at once can be a money saver, so unless you’re prepared to shell out more money than you need to, don’t travel alone.

Booking a flight on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and some Saturdays can save money. So can booking a flight on expedia.com two months in advance. For example (subject to change), from Honolulu to Dallas, Texas, leaving March 14 and returning March 21 is only about $669 booked two months ago.

Beware booking around holidays, because these are generally the most expensive times to travel. If you have to travel then, book well in advance.

Doing your own online search for airfare as well as calling an airline to help you search for a ticket will give you a better chance of finding a cheaper ticket. Some Web fares aren’t ordinarily available through an airline, and some airline fares aren’t available through Web sites.

Once you arrive at your destination consider taking public transportation, or even renting a bicycle. If you must rent a car, consider a used car from a budget company.

Most car companies require that you be at least 21, and if you are under the age of 25, they often add an extra daily surcharge.

Always ask about student or group rates, and if you are really on a tight budget and counting every penny, then it may be best if you buy groceries and prepare them yourself instead of eating out everyday.

If you are traveling to another country, be aware of the currency conversion rate, because your American dollars may be worth more, or less, depending on the circumstances.

It is always good to write everything down before you pay for your trip because you will see different options that might save you a even more money.

Bon voyage.

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