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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright


Some of the very things that make the first year in college exciting can also bring challenges. Living on your own means you are probably far away from family and friends. Some of your new courses might be a lot more difficult than you expected. And you could be having a hard time figuring out how to share an apartment with people who, even if not from a different country, may have a very different way of doing things.

Sometimes the challenges seem to outweigh the excitement. Homesickness, a disappointing grade, a problem roommate, the stress of balancing work and school, any one or even all of these might lead you to consider giving up on HPU or even a college degree.

HPU has a number of programs to help you to make it through the first year and beyond. Here are just a few:

· Co-curricular Activities: Clubs and activities sponsored by Student Life have been part of HPU’s co-curriculum for a long time. Last year, a group of faculty started the Viewpoints Film Series, which screens features and documentaries from around the world intended to get people talking.

· The First-Year Seminar: This semester, the College of Natural Sciences started a pilot seminar that introduces new students to the faculty of the college, the major requirements, the clubs connected to the sciences, and much more. Next fall, a number of colleges will offer seminars in a variety of subjects such as writing, literature, history, humanities, and others.

· Prescription for Success Program: Academic Advising has partnered with the faculty to create the Prescription for Success Program. First-year students whose GPA falls below 2.0 will be invited to speak with a professor who will in turn write the student a “prescription” with possible ways the student can get help.

· Career Services Center: programs that let you explore possible majors and talk to HPU alumni who have been there, done it already.

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