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by Dr. Zhi Yong Ju and Ms. Lytha Conquest


This laboratory provides core analytical support for animal, feed, nutrition, and seafood research and also conducts studies on the effects of marine bioactive components and micronutrients on aquatic animal growth. In the past year, the laboratory analyzed hundreds of aquatic samples, including feeds, feed ingredients, shrimp, fish, moi eggs and larvae, live feeds for larval fish, and shrimp pond microbial community biomass for their content of 23 fatty acids and 20 amino acids, which are building blocks of lipid and protein, respectively.

The laboratory recently developed methods for analyzing fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, carotenoid pigments, phytosterols, peptides, and polyphenol antioxidants. It now anticipates the development of additional analytical methods in coming years, including measurements of tannin and isoflavones in feeds, digestive enzyme activity in aquatic animals, as well as assessment of digestion, absorption, and utilization of macronutrients and micronutrients.

The OI laboratory is currently conducting research on the isolation and identification of bioactive compounds from shrimp pond microbial floc communities that have the potential to enhance shrimp productivity. The floc develops naturally in outdoor pond or tank water and comprises many different types of small, living organisms such as microalgae, bacteria, rotifers, ciliates, nematodes, and detritus. The lab is currently extracting different fractions from floc bioactive components, and will incorporate them into shrimp feeds which will be tested for their growth-enhancing potential in future feeding trials.

The aquaculture industry is expanding, and needs detailed nutritional biochemical information for efficient production. The Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory is working on incorporating new biochemical analytical tests from the food and feed industries to meet these needs. Its welcomes HPU staff and students interested in cooperative work.




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