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by Barbara Burke

Dani is a junior majoring in general business. After graduation, she is contemplating a career in either education or business.

When asked how she maintains a 3.46 GPA with such a demanding softball schedule, Dani said: “For me, school and softball are what I live for as of now. So in order for me to accomplish what I set out to do in both, I need to make sacrifices. After practice is over, I only have a few hours to work; therefore, I need to use my time wisely throughout the day in order to complete my tasks.”
When she does manage to find a few free hours, Dani likes going to the beach and spending time with family and friends.

Dani has several strategies that contribute to her success in the classroom. One strategy is to make sure she gets her homework done. “During my free time I am always doing my homework, because there is so much of it,” she explained.

Another tactic is highlighting what she need to know, typing study notes on her computer, and printing them out. Then, she goes through her notes and, if needed, has someone test her on the material. For some subjects, such as accounting and mathematics, Dani will rework problems that were presented in class.

Right-handed pitcher Clerisse Lemke was born in Alaska, but she lived most of her life in Salem, Oregon. She came to HPU as a freshman in 2003.

Clerisse is biology major, with minors in chemistry and mathematics and an impressive 3.76 GPA. Following graduation, her immediate plans are to go into the Peace Corps. She would like to work with AIDS education in Africa. After completing this commitment abroad, she expects to return to the United States and attend graduate school.

“The biggest thing I like about the classes here [at HPU] is that the teachers are really interested in their subjects and enjoy teaching,” Clerisse said.

A favorite class of hers is marine vertebrate zoology. “One of the best labs was going out into the field and watching a professional dissect a turtle and figuring out why it died. We’re always going out into the field and getting hands-on experience,” she added.

Clerisse has some very basic suggestions for achieving academic success: Go to class. Pay attention. “It makes a huge difference to pay attention in class,” she said. “I definitely try to talk to teachers before and after class if I don’t understand everything,” she added.

When she is not studying or playing softball, Clerisse enjoys reading and writing. She even found enough time to write a novel, which she plans on trying to get published. Clerisse supports a variety of campus activities and is treasurer of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).


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