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by Nicole Carvalho, staff writer

Might as well send a memo to all the bosses: Everyone is taking the day off!

On March 17th, everybody is Irish, and they act accordingly. They wear green and gold and talk of shamrocks, pots of gold, ever -elusive rainbows, their affection for the Emerald Isle, and the day they kissed the Blarney Stone.

It’s a day for tall tales, new found friendships, a few cocktails, and the often repeated question: are you Irish, too?

Saint Patrick, the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland, is credited with bringing Christianity to the country. St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17th because that is said to be the day he died.
We celebrate the holiday here in the United States because so many Irish people came to America and brought with them their history and celebrations.

The biggest observance of the holiday is, of course, in Ireland, where almost all business close for the day, with the exception of restaurants and pubs.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday as well, so many Catholic’s attend mass that day.
In American cities with Irish populations, St. Patrick’s day is a big deal.

In large cities such as Boston, Chicago, New York, and Cleveland, the celebrations start early in the morning with a parade and the drinking follows shortly thereafter and lasts all day.

The celebration in Chicago is so large, city workers even dye the river green.

In Honolulu, there is a much smaller Irish population, but the festivities prevail. Every year there is a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Waikiki that travels along Kalakaua Avenue and this year is no exception.

On March 17th , there will be a block party at Murphy’s Bar and Grill located at 2 Merchant Street. To allow for this celebration Nuuanu Avenue from King Street to Nimitz Highway, Merchant Street from Nuuanu to Bethel Street and Marin Lane will be closed. It gets very crowded, so arriving early is a wise decision.

After a few hours of partying, the bloom is off the Irish rose, but by then nobody cares.
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all.


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