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by Residence Hall staff

Tickets to the event were limited “VIR” (Very Important Residents—everyone, of course), as the Dining Commons (DC) was transformed into an exclusive, tinsel town venue for a real red carpet event.

Residents enjoyed pupus on the lanai which included spinach dip with chips and freshly made bruschetta while they waited for the event to begin.

Inside the DC, the red carpet was real and scattered with silver stars, as celebrity photographs of real “stars” decorated the walls, ceiling, and floor!

Steak, shrimp, sparkling cider, and a never-ending chocolate fountain highlighted a dinner menu that was fit for screen and stage royalty, Dessert included Flaming Alaska, no-flour chocolate cake, and a chocolate waterfall complete with strawberries, pineapple, and pound cake to dip!

Special dinner events such as this are put on monthly by the Housing and Residence Life Food Committee, and residents are already eager for the next “star studded” dinner event of the semester, “coming up in March!” said Libarios.


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