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by Jessica McDunn, University Relations


“Internships are the best way to get your foot into the door and test your motivation for pursuing a particular field,” said Concepcion. “Internships supplement the textbook education you obtain through college coursework with on-the-job training. Both [are] vital to your success in your future career.”

HPU’s Career Services Center helped Concepcion intern with Dr. Ernie Yim, who specializes in pulmonary diseases and internal medicine for two years, and with Dr. Meredith Pang, an ear-nose-throat specialist, for four months.

“ These internships have allowed me a rare glimpse into the lives of physicians and the business side of running a private office,” said Concepcion. “I have also picked up quite a bit of medical terminology, learned about tests and diseases, and how to build trust and rapport with patients. While taking their medical histories as accurately and detailed as possible,” she added.

Concepcion not only appreciates the practical knowledge she is gaining on the job, she has also learned how to better manage her time. While serving as the president of the Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society, the vice president of HPU Colleges against Cancer chapter, a committee member for the 2006 HPU Relay for Life, and a member of a number of other campus honor societies and organizations, she still finds time to volunteer as an elementary school math, English, and science tutor.

“ Taking 18 credits and committing myself to many extracurricular activities, along with two internships, have taught me time management and endurance, both invaluable skills for medical school, which is my next goal after graduation,” Concepcion said.

She also noted that some of HPU’s unique offerings, such as the Career Services Center, were determining factors in her decision to apply here. “HPU is the perfect school for me,” Concepcion said. “I wanted to stay in Hawai‘i, where my family support is, and I really admired HPU’s characteristics—private school, small class sizes, accessibility of professors, and diversity of student population.” She added, referring to the Career Service Center, which was instrumental in securing her internships: “The advisors are also very knowledgeable and helpful!”


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