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by Jessica McDunn, University Relations

Originally from Norfolk, Virginia, Adam chose to come to HPU for the competitive cheer program.
“ I was competing in Florida at the National Cheerleading Association Championship, and HPU’s Cheer Team has a huge presence there every year,” said Yeatts.

Adam has parlayed his experience as a cheerleader and a gymnast into his internship.

“ I’ve been doing gymnastics for 12 years, and it helps me feel like a part of a team. That carries over to school and work. I can wake up in the morning and feel motivated. Working for the radio station is like being a part of a family.”

By working with a counselor at HPU’s Career Services Center, Adam was able to earn college credit for his internship.

“ I am making industry contacts. I am not only earning a college degree, but I’m gaining practical experience and meeting industry professionals,” he added. “It’s the experience of being out there, in the community. I’m 20 years old and working with people who have years of experience in their careers.”

He admits that interning at a radio station also has its perks.

“ I’ve met the members of All-American Rejects. I met Jack Johnson because he did the music for the movie Curious George and we were doing the promotions for the movie. He came up to talk to me because I’m a part of the radio station,” Yeatts added.

“ Public relations is such a huge field. I’m looking to fall into place somewhere in the field,” he noted. “An internship is a great introduction to the business.”

Adam says that with his on-the-job experience, he feels he will be ahead of the game after graduation.

“ An internship is real world experience,” he said. “When I apply for a job in the future, I can say that I not only have a college degree, but I have real world experience. I think that’s very important.”

Adam says he hopes his career knowledge and job skills will help better prepare him for career opportunities locally, nationally, and even internationally.



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