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by Brittany Matsushita, staff writer


Richard Tyler has taken the responsibility for Delta Airlines and will be unveiling the company’s new look this summer. Staying true to Delta’s original style, Tyler used the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme as the accents for his gray and black base. The women will be dressed in dresses and skirts and the men will be back in jacket and ties, for a classic look. Delta reported that Tyler wants his name attached to nothing but the best, so all employees had personal fittings for their new uniforms over a four-month span.

As a new airline, Song had the chance to make a statement with the new uniforms by Kate and Jack Spade. The two designers chose the untraditional color lime green for the crew. Not stopping at uniforms, the Spades will equip all crew members with luggage, accessories, and ID badges.

According to Los Angeles-based Delta flight attendant, Carol Kawagami, who resides in Hawai‘i, “Delta hopes this new look will be the beginning for the airlines, after the dark period of 9/11.”
For a company that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last November, starting over is looking pricey.
According to Delta employees, the original reason to reinvent their look was to put the past behind them. This wasn’t the first attempt to keep the company afloat. Before the new look, Delta had offered to sell food on board, stop in-flight meals over the mainland, and reduced comforts such as pillows and blankets. So will the new look pay off? We’ll see this summer.



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