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by Barbara Burke

This semester, Ljuri has six classes plus a rigorous tennis practice and competition schedule. “I don’t have much free time these days,” she admitted, although she manages to maintain a 3.29 GPA.

Two of her favorite courses are abnormal psychology and industrial psychology, and on graduation, this psychology major hopes to stay in Hawai‘i to do a 12-month Optional Practical Training (OPT) in psychology. “I would like to use the OPT to gain experience in the area of clinical psychology, have time to find a graduate school, and do my GRE (Graduate Record Examination),” she explained. Her goal is to earn a doctorate in psychology and help people who have mental illnesses.
Ljuri is currently participating in a research project with HPU psychology Professor Vincent Tsushima that involves assessing decision-making processes in legal cases. When asked what tips she might share for earning high academic marks, Ljuri said: “My strategy is to take good notes in class, sit in the first two rows so you can pay attention to the professor, and stay focused to get everything done on time. I think that organization is most important.”

When she is not in class or on the tennis court, Ljuri likes to read books about psychology. She also enjoys watching movies, going out with friends, and spending time at the beach.

Thomas Troxler is a 6-foot-2 junior on the men’s tennis team. From Sursee, Switzerland, he transferred to HPU from Vanguard University in Newport Beach, Calif. He is majoring in marketing and has a 3.33 GPA.

“ I’d like to end up in the sports medicine or sports marketing field, because sports is my life. If I could have a job that is sports oriented, that would be awesome,” Troxler said.

Troxler speaks five languages: English, Italian, French, German, and Swiss. He once worked as part of a team of students who created an advertising campaign for an ice hotel in Sweden, where guests sleep on special beds built of snow and ice covered with reindeer skins, but says he prefers Hawai‘i’s warmer climate, which offers the opportunity to play sports year-round. He learned to surf soon after he arrived here. “I really enjoy [surfing] a lot—the atmosphere, being with nature. If the sun is setting, it’s really awesome,” he added.

The secret of good grades, Troxler said: “Time management—dividing up your work, knowing how much time it takes. It’s not hard. Allow enough time to study.” Troxler recommends starting to study for midterms well ahead of the test date.


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