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by Marquise Brack, staff writer

HPU began hosting the invitational exhibition in 1991 after merging with Hawai‘i Loa College. A committee of faculty and staff select the artwork for all the shows: Lynne Ledward, assistant to Vice President for Student Affairs Jeff Philpott, who supervises gallery activities; Dottie Fitzgerald, Hawai‘i Loa campus Special Events coordinator for Student Affairs; Dr. Jerome Feldman, HPU professor of art history, and Sanit Khewhok who, with his wife Carol, is curator of the HPU art gallery.

For this show, the entire HPU community, but especially students, was invited to submit pieces of original work to the HPU Art Gallery, which provides 2,000 square feet of open exhibition space for both wall-mounted and freestanding art.

“We invite artist all the time to display their work in the gallery,” Feldman said, “and we want to invite students to display their work as well.”

The art submitted was judged on its the visual appeal, uniqueness, and originality, Feldman added. He estimated that about 80 percent of the artwork submitted this year was selected for final display.
HPU marine biology major Rachel Clough is among the student artists whose work is featured. Clough submitted a vibrant original abstract painting in acrylics on canvas titled For You….

“ This is my first time submitting a piece of art to the student gallery,” Clough said. “I think it’s a good opportunity for students and faculty to be able to express themselves artistically and contribute to the school in another way then academically.”

Some of the art exhibited is for sale, and all proceeds of any sale go to the artist.

The HPU Art Gallery is located on the windward Hawai‘i Loa campus. Admission is free. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
All photos by Baxter Cepeda

Samples of HPU student work at the annual Ohana Exhibit in HPU’s art gallery at the Hawai‘i Loa campus.


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