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by Kyle Galdeira, editor


According to judge’s comments, Kalamalama is “complete and easy to read, with detailed coverage of school events and subjects of student interest.” The judges added that the newspaper’s “nice use of photos, with many in color, complements this well-done monthly package. The fact this publication is solely written by students with a few staff columns makes this a must read.”

HPU also took home third place in the program booklet category for the play program for HPU Theatre’s production of The Miser. The program was designed by Nyssa Kushi in HPU’s Graphic Arts Department. Kushi was supervised by Barbara Benson, director of Administrative Support Operations, who explained that she was “sorry to lose such a talented graphic artist to the demands of being a full-time mother.”

The Pa‘i Awards are sponsored by the Hawai‘i Publishers Association and are open to all members of the association. These include most of Hawai‘i’s newspapers and magazines, including the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star Bulletin, as well as all University of Hawai‘i publications. The judges indicated that a record 493 entries, in 35 categories, all published in 2005, were submitted for this year’s judging.



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