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by Brittany Yap, Associate Editor

Some adventure seekers find excitement in the thrill of being more than 400 feet in the air.

I found tranquility.

Parasailing is close to school. Hawaiian Parasail launches trips from Kewalo Basin, across the street from Ward Warehouse, hourly from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. A crew of two takes about 12 passengers a mile offshore in a boat. (If you easily get seasick, go earlier in the day because the waters are calmer.)

You can parasail individually or in tandem. The crew fastens you securely into the parasail harness, the winds sweep you off your feet, and the boat you were riding in starts to look tinier and tinier. The Pacific Ocean is seen from a totally different view, and the beautiful scenery is breathtaking. The experience is a rush, yes, but it is also quite peaceful up there, alone with just yourself and the wind and the sun.

Although the boat ride is an hour long, the parasail flight only lasts eight-10 minutes. You can ask to be dipped in the water at the end of the ride, or you can have a dry landing. Nonflyers who want to observe can also ride out on the boat for a lesser fee.

“ You can bring anything onboard the boat that you want,” said Capt. Wade Vaiciulis. “However, I suggest that while parasailing that you only take a waterproof camera.”

If you don’t have a camera, the crew can take your picture, but for a substantial price.

“ I had fun,” said Hanalei Jaber, a student at Honolulu Community College. “But I wish we had harnesses that let us sit next to each other rather than one behind the other. It would have been nice to see the look on my fiancé’s face.”

Hawaiian Parasail
Kewalo Basin, 1085 Ala Moana Blvd. Suite 101
Price: $40 / $35 (Kama‘aina)
Duration: One hour boat ride, eight-10 minute flight
Transportation: Roundtrip from Waikiki
Contact: (808) 591-1280


HPU student, Brittany Yap, along with her fiancé, Hanalei Jaber, parasail on a sunny February morning.

Photo by Hawaiian Parasail staff

Captain Wade Vaiciulis gives instructions to the passengers.

Photo by Brittany Yap

Passengers check in 10 minutes prior to departure at Kewalo Basin pier, across the street from Ward Warehouse.

Photo by Brittany Yap



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