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by Grace Liao, Arts & Entertainment editor

“This job is a challenge,” said Matheson about her new position as director of Student Life: “not a dull moment and constant change.” Her eyes gleamed with excitement as she described the energy that flows on Fort Street Mall.

Matheson first heard about HPU when she traveled with “Up With People” in the late ‘90s, promoting international cultural understanding.

While an undergraduate at HPU she worked as an Eco-Tourism educator for O‘ahu Nature Tours. After graduation, she was a delegate on the Ship for World Youth. A year after graduation, she traveled to Ecuador, where she taught English and volunteered at a cultural center.

The challenges that Matheson will face are numerous. Chief among them is the need to renovate the downtown campus student lounge. “We have gathered a group of concerned students and staff,” she said, “to look at how we can revitalize the center and make it a warm place that welcomes students.”

Matheson loves most the interaction with students who come in to the Student Life Office with questions. “At Chaminade,” she said, “I dealt only with students who were still in high school, and once they came to the university, I rarely saw any of them.”

“ I love HPU because of its diversity,” Matheson said. She hopes to enhance student enjoyment of their opportunities by promoting intercultural understanding, and leadership qualities.

Froylan Fernandes, who was acting director of Student Life at the beginning of the fall semester, has relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he rejoined his family.


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