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by Friederike Paehler, staff writer



The whole world is participating. The 32 competing teams are from 32 different countries on six continents, all but Antarctica, and include the current title holder Brazil, and Germany, the host. Before being chosen to take part in the Soccer World Championship, each team had to compete against other teams in their countries.

The 32 winning national teams have been divided into eight groups of four countries each. Within these groups the teams will compete against each other. Every country will have to play against every group member. All in all, there will be 64 matches in 12 different locations all over Germany.

As you can imagine the arrangement of a big sports event such as the Soccer World Championship 2006 is not cheap. But organizers of the event managed to involve some affluent sponsors such as Hyundai, McDonalds, and Coca Cola. Adidas, another sponsor, even created a new soccer shoe especially for the event.

The motto of this worldwide event is: “Time to make friends.” These words were chosen to show that even though the event is a competition, it is meant to bring people together. Racism and violence of any kind are prohibited, and police and private security services will be working hand-in-hand to safeguard fans and players throughout the championship games.

In all, seven years were needed to organize everything and to remodel the stadiums in the 12 venues. Everyone in Germany is looking forward to the whole event. Millions of fans from countries all over the world are expected to attend the games and to cheer for their teams.

In my next article I will introduce some interesting players and their home countries. For more information visit www.fifaworlcup.com.


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