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by Barbara Burke

“My education, from Kamehameha [High School], helped me to prepare for the college environment,” Galdeira said. “I try to make sure that I keep well-organized, and I just put forth the best effort possible in everything that I do,” he added.

Galdeira is an HPU Presidential Scholar majoring in journalism, and he leads the baseball team academically with an impressive 3.78 GPA. In his spare time, he enjoys canoe paddling, video games, and hanging out at the beach.

“ Extracurricular activities are a must for me,” Galdeira said. “I find it easier to focus on school when I take my mind off it once in a while,” he explained.

“ After graduation I would like to work as a sports writer for a local newspaper,” he continued. “However, I have been exploring options with some radio stations and magazines, so nothing is set in stone yet,” Galdeira said

Senior Matthew Burson transferred to HPU last year from Irvine Valley College. He is a finance major with a 3.60 GPA, and he was named the baseball team’s scholar-athlete for 2004-05.
Burson explained that the way he gets good grades is by doing what is asked by his professors—and a little luck.

“ The main thing,” Burson said, “is to just go to class, listen, and take notes. If you stay focused in class, it saves a lot of time you would normally have to study. When I talk about luck, I mean that I have a pretty good short-term memory.”

When he’s not in class or on the baseball field, Burson enjoys the beach, reading, golfing, and working out. After graduation, he hopes to find employment in a sports-related organization.

Burson’s personal values are a driving force in his life. “I owe everything to my family for supporting me in everything that I do. I cherish my close friends. I am a Catholic,” he added. “I try to treat everyone with respect.”


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