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by Tiffany Garrett, News editor

Current assistant producer Reenie Rea (BA ‘03) opened the doors for HPU participation. Rea explained that her husband talking to show co-host Larry Price helped her get her internship with the show. When interns leave, Rea said, “We have to find our own replacements, so I found within HPU.”

KSSK’s Saturday Morning Show is a three-hour radio broadcast held at John Dominis restaurant overlooking the Kewalo Basin. The show brings together many local and national celebrities and organizations for interviews and performances that promote their events. For example, three members of the Chippendales came on to promote a two-nights Hawai‘i show. Then once, a few years ago, Chris Rock’s brother, Tony Rock, came to promote his comedy act.

With every broadcast Pacarro is on a non-stop go producing the script for co-host Price and Michael Perry, visiting table for interviews, gathering and helping to introduce the guests. Her interns have first-hand experience with all of it, and more. Besides working on the show, there are office and radio station responsibilities: assisting at movie premieres, for example, and hosting station events. At the office, interns answer phone calls, work on the script, and do anything that Pacarro needs help with.

What is so important about internship? As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” and that goes for everything, future jobs and life. Doing an internship helps students network themselves into the work force by gaining first-hand experience. These experiences will prepare them for career opportunities across the world.

“ I got a lot out of interning, meeting a lot of people in the entertainment industry, and it actually got me the paid position I have now,” Rea said.

Call Rea or Pacarro for mor information: 550-9220.


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